Can you write a wikipedia about yourself

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How Wikipedia Works/Chapter 4

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Nov 16,  · If you stop working on a task, remove yourself as the assignee of the task, so others know that they can work on the task and don't expect you to still work on it.

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You don’t know yourself as well as you think. But there are some clever ways to understand your true nature better and how others. Mar 24,  · In the next paragraph, write a short summary of your career, tailored to fit the company you’re approaching. In the third paragraph, lay out several specific accomplishments that are relevant to.

Sep 26,  · Best Answer: Well, if you mean article, then you can't unless you do something Notable. Then someone else would have to write about you because people cannot edit articles about themselves no mattar how notable (like the president of the USA, or the UK Queen) but You can make a USER page if you make an Status: Resolved.

Can you write a wikipedia about yourself
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